Steve Forst

Lead Coach and Facilitator

Steve Forst is an organizational consultant focusing on team member and leadership learning and development. He has built a reputation as an enthusiastic learning catalyst and a highly effective process and content facilitator. In his thirty year career, he has worked internationally in training and organization development roles.

In corporate and government organizations, Steve has developed and implemented competency-based training architectures, coached all levels of leadership, designed, developed and facilitated team member and leadership training courses, and worked with global companies on strategic planning elements. He served as an assessor for the Secretary of the Air Force Unit Quality Award committee. He maintains multiple qualifications and certifications for assessment and courseware facilitation. He has been awarded the US Air Force “Master Instructor” designation.

Mr. Forst has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and a Bachelor’s Degree in Workforce Development (Training, Education and Development). As an Air Force veteran, Steve has experience in multiple technical career fields (logistics, munitions maintenance) and education, training and consulting.

Steve is married with three adult children. He and his wife reside in Henderson, Nevada.